Revitalise Sports Collagen 500g

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Revitalise Sports Collagen hydrolysate is specifically optimised to maximise collagen biosynthesis in connective tissue, thus it strengthens tendons, ligaments and joints and, in conjunction with resistance training, builds fat-free muscle.

Free from Gluten, Lactose, Dairy, Soya and Nuts.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It helps strengthen connective tissue and provides cushioning for various parts of the body. From early adulthood onwards our body produces less and less collagen, resulting in a net loss of 1.5% or more a year. Depletion is increased by intensive exercise and as a result bones lose density, muscles lose strength and injuries take longer to heal.

Revitalise Sports Collagen maintains a strong, supple, healthy body; builds lean muscle mass and significantly speeds up recovery from injury, allowing sportspeople and athletes to maximise their potential. It is Informed Sport and Informed Choice accredited.

Made with types I and III collagen it comprises bioactive collagen peptides produced by hydrolysis, allowing it to be absorbed easily through the small intestine into the bloodstream, which carries it around the body allowing it to attach to areas of damaged and depleted connective tissue, thus aiding the repair process.