The Peake Health 5:2 Diet Plan

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"Drop A Jean Size In Two Weeks or Drop 1-2 Dress Sizes (& A Stone) In 4 weeks!!!"

Dieting and weight control can be a challenge and fully committing to a strict regime may not be possible due to your lifestyle.

However you may be able to commit to a more flexible 5:2 Peake Health Plan and achieve the weight loss you desire in a healthy, cost effective and manageable way.

The 5:2 plan involves 2 days of your choice out of 7 with TFR (total food replacement) of 4 meal replacements per day (500-600 kcals) and 5 days of RCD (reduced calorie dieting) 1200 kcals with 2 meals replacements and 2 small meals plus a snack, from a recommended list of foods. The plan involves eating regularly every 3-4 hours to promote good metabolism and weight loss.

This plan helps to clean the liver and detox the body, promoting good health and energy with sustainable weight loss and lots of choice.


We sell the 5:2 Diet Plan in packs of 18 items/meal replacements...

1 Pack (18 Items/One Week) is £30

2 Packs (36 Items/Two Weeks) is £56

3 Packs (54 Items/Three Weeks) is £80

4 Packs (72 Items/One Month) is £100


The great thing about the 5:2 Peake Health Diet Plan is that you can choose what flavour items are in your pack!  Just simply choose the number of packs (ie number of items) that you wish to buy from the drop down box below, pay for them at the checkout and then email me your choice of meals to

You can choose from the following products

> Shakes

> Puddings

> Bars

> Soups

> Meals  (Including Porridge)