Eontu Fibre Supplement

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Get healthier with eontu Fibre, the totally flavourless 100% natural fibre food supplement.

eontu Fibre is 100% prebiotic Inulin, leeched from non-genetically modified chicory root using hot water alone.

Add eontu Fibre to hot and cold drinks, coo-king and baking to bring you and your family’s daily fibre intake to the medically recommended level of 24g per day.

Each heaped teaspoon of eontu Fibre contains over 20% of your recommended daily fibre intake and will reduce your risk of bow-el cancer, regulate your immune system and improve your resistance, while having a marked positive influence on your blood cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

eontu Fibre is especially effective for regularity particularly during periods of weight management when your diet may slow your digestive rate.

eontu Fibre is not a laxative: inulin is not digested in the stomach or small intestine so eontu Fibre reaches your large intestine intact, where it contributes to optimal intestinal function, improving regularity and reducing constipation.