Actigener Hair Therapies

We've got a quite a big product range, and its taken quite a long time to get all of it onto the new site... its a big job, but we're getting there... slowly!

Finally, we're found the time to get Actigener on the website and we're absolutely delighted... as this is an amazing range of hair therapies and one that we've been stocking, recommending and using ourselves for years and years.

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Actigener is produced in The Netherlands by using organic ingredients that are grown in France.  Their range of natural shampoos, their cream conditioner and their amazing lotion spray are perfect for all hair types... normal, greasy and dry... they also help skin and hair conditions, itchy scalps and dandruff.

They contain Arnica Montana, which can help prevent hair loss and stimulate regrowth... so we do highly recommend it to help with baldness.  These premium shampoos are also great at giving your hair more volume and you'll really notice how well they work after only a few washes.

Their conditioner and lotion spray are also great products... and work so well with their shampoos.  We really do highly recommend this great range of hair therapies.

You can see our the Actigener range here.